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Welcome to the home of TWiki.LHCb. This is a web-based collaboration area for LHCb.

Reading responsibilities of Santiago de Compostela:

USC Analysis Meetings at INDICO

Status of LHCb publications and conference notes.

Data Sets at USC Tier3.

How to register a new LHCb member:

Nuestro Blog:

LHCb Meetings:

LHCb Publications:

Analysis material related to the channel B->K*K*

Links to the Bs->K*K* analysis note.

Analysis at LHCb:

LHCb Operation, Status, etc:

Software Training:

CERN Computing Security Information website:

Pythia and the EvtGen particle decay generator package.

LHCb Software Tutorials And FAQs:


ROOT and RooFit:



Software languages and utilities. Docs, manuals...

Entry point for the CERN Twiki system:


Monitoring web pages for LHCb production and analysis:

Nandakumar monitoring pages:

Logging info of recent problematic LHCb jobs.

LHCb GRID usage (Roberto Santinelli)

Summary of Open Issues reported by LHC experiments about the LCG middleware:

Go to this point of the CERN twiki.

Information about LHCb production.

To ease the production manager's work, Joel Cloisier prepared a web site based on TWIKI ( More information about Twiki can be found at (

Machines running LHCb central services:

Usefull information about the LHCb production software and tools can be found at:

  • /afs/
  • /afs/
  • /afs/

Comissioning and electronic logbook.

Various Topics.

Site Tools of the LHCb Web


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FNyP Home of FNyP web Search FNyP web Recent changes in the FNyP web Get notified of changes to the FNyP web Física Nuclear y de Partículas Información sobre la asignatura Física Nuclear y de Partículas
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Irradiacion Home of Irradiacion web Search Irradiacion web Recent changes in the Irradiacion web Get notified of changes to the Irradiacion web Irradiacion de transistores DEPFET ...collaborate on
LCGatUSC Home of LCGatUSC web Search LCGatUSC web Recent changes in the LCGatUSC web Get notified of changes to the LCGatUSC web LCG GRID for LHCb at USC ...collaborate on
LHCb Home of LHCb web Search LHCb web Recent changes in the LHCb web Get notified of changes to the LHCb web LHCb computing LHCb computing
Quattor Home of Quattor web Search Quattor web Recent changes in the Quattor web Get notified of changes to the Quattor web Quattor at USC-LCG2 ...collaborate on
Sandbox Home of Sandbox web Search Sandbox web Recent changes in the Sandbox web Get notified of changes to the Sandbox web Sandbox test area with all features enabled. ...experiment in an unrestricted hands-on web.
TecnicasIII Home of TecnicasIII web Search TecnicasIII web Recent changes in the TecnicasIII web Get notified of changes to the TecnicasIII web Técnica Experimentales III (sección de física cuántica) Información sobre la asignatura Técnicas Experimentales III
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VariasCosas Home of VariasCosas web Search VariasCosas web Recent changes in the VariasCosas web Get notified of changes to the VariasCosas web Colección de cosas/enlaces de interés ...collaborate on
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