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Particle Flow Algorithm The algorithm matches Clusters to Tracks, reconstructs particles and performs particle identification on the basis of the energy fraction ...
Reconstruction Pattern Recognition in Silicon Detectors Combined pattern recognition in all silicon tracking devices (VTX, FTD and SIT) is implemented in the processor ...
Pattern Recognition in TPC Pattern recognition in TPC is done using C++ wrappers of the LEP code. The main Marlin module is LEPTrackingProcessor , which invokes FORTRAN ...
Entrevista en el Periodico La Opinion de Zamora , Noviembre 2008 Entrevista la Opinion 6 Nov Conferencia Caja Rural.pdf: Main.iglesias 05 Oct 2009
Entrevista en el Periodico La Opinion de Zamora , Septiembre 2008 2008-09-14Entrevista OpnionZ Carmen.pdf: Main.iglesias 05 Oct 2009

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