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A WikiTopic is one unit of information in the TWiki web. It is one web page in your browser. The name of the WikiTopic should be a WikiWord.

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A WikiTopic is one unit of information in a T/Wiki web. It is more or less a universal term in the world of Wikis. Each WikiTopic is displayed as one Web page in your browser. While debate swirls in high circles of TWiki development as to whether a topic should simply be called a page, there is a good case for the distinction:
  • a WikiTopic has a distinct WikiWord title that defines it; a Web page doesn't
  • a topic's content is self-contained, doesn't spill over onto other topics; a Web page can continue a subject, book-like, across many pages
  • particularly in TWiki, a topic has an array of features that make it distinct - attachments, relationships to other topics, classification data, independent revision control, and so on; a Web page has none of that

For now, a topic is used by TWiki to generate a regular Web page.

-- MikeMannix? - 12 May 2002

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