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Primeros resultados para la LOI: Full Simulation with single muons samples

analysis of single muon samples simulated for the baseline ILD00 in Mokka, and reconstructed with MarlinReco? V01-04.

There is still a problem with the vertex hits in this release. Which means the results are wrong! Not by very much, so we can start working on a meaningful comparison, but, please, don't circulate these results.

The plots represent the transverse momentum and transverse impact parameter resolution as a function of polar angle theta. Each graph corresponds to a sample of single muons with a fixed momentum (NOTE: momentum, not transverse momentum). Red, green and blue curves correspond to p=100 GeV?, p=10 GeV? and p=1 GeV?, respectively.
d0_resolution_vs_theta_ild_v0104.jpg pt_resolution_vs_theta_ild_v0104.jpg

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